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The Streets Bring Dire Lessons for the Young Homeless

Prostitution didn’t come easily to Brenda Myers-Powell. At 15, she put herself out  on the streets of Chicago, and for a while,  they weren’t taking to what she was willing to give for a few bucks. But this sharply changed. And a year later, Myers-Powell was kidnapped and traded in Chicago’s sex underworld – a place she would stay

Newly Released Boy Scout Files Shed Light on Sex Abuse in Youth Groups

The curtain that has long shielded the extent of sex abuse in some youth-serving organizations was lifted a little higher today with the release more than 1,200 files about alleged molesters in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Some 1,247 Confidential Files on people banned from Scouting for alleged sexual misconduct with children from 1965-85 were  in

Solitary for Youth: The Fight in Illinois

Even as national organizations rallied this week to end solitary confinement for incarcerated juveniles across the country, the local branch of American Civil Liberties Union is working with prison officials and the federal court to focus on the issue at home. The goal: settle a lawsuit on behalf of 2,217 incarcerated youth with the Illinois