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Coffee Company Brews Opportunities for Former Convicts

It was Saturday morning at Zhou Brothers Art Center in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, when the bold smell of coffee hinted an unusual change within the gallery. On April 12, the usually quiet gallery frequented mostly by art aficionados was bustling with dozens of coffee vendors each brewing cups of coffee with almost every coffee making

Report Says Prosecution of Minors as Adults Has Poor Outcomes

An independent advocacy non-profit has concluded that a piece of legislation dating to 1982 and dubbed the “automatic transfer law,” which compels children ages of 15 or 16 charged with certain felony offenses to be charged as an adult, has significantly problematic consequences that go beyond discouraging rehabilitation and positive development of those sentenced. The 21-page

Children Could Fare Worse Under House Committee’s Proposed Budget Resolution

Billions in federal funding for children’s health, child nutrition, education, child abuse and neglect prevention and response – as well as other priority children’s initiatives – could be on the chopping block. A draft of the House Budget Committee’s proposed federal fiscal year 2015 budget resolution named “The Path to Prosperity” called for billions in cuts to several children’s initiatives