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New Amendments to Homeland Security Bill May Curtail Immigrant Youth Rights

Two of the five proposed amendments to the Homeland Security Appropriations Act, which will fund the Department of Homeland Security, are being critiqued by children advocacy organizations who charge that the amendments are meant to tear immigrant families apart. First Focus Campaign, which puts pressure on congressional members for children’s rights, sent a letter Tuesday to members of

Study: Summer Job Programs Mitigate Violent Crime Among Disadvantaged Youth

A recent study focused on Chicago youth found that disadvantaged youth with summer jobs are 43 percent less likely to commit violent crimes than those who are not in summer job programs. The study was published by the journal Science, and according to Sara Heller, a criminologist at University of Pennsylvania, it is one of the

Fast Food Workers Fight for Better Wages, Union to Support Families

The Fight for 15, a campaign created by the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, advocates for fast food workers to unionize and make a minimum wage of $15 an hour. The organization has announced that its workers will strike beginning Thursday. The strike, which will hit some 150 cities Thursday in this stage, comes after