Five of the Top Juvenile Justice Stories of 2013

Most Important Juvenile Justice Stories

In the year of 2013, the juvenile justice landscape in Chicago and across the country has had its ups and downs.

Here, The Chicago Bureau editors pick five of the most standout stories on juvenile justice published on our site during the year:

1. As Juvenile Justice Reforms Gain Traction, Kids Expected to Die in Prison Consider Redemption

2. A Test of Rehabilitative Justice: The Path to the Lord From a Want to ‘Kill Everybody

3. Founder of Juvenile Court Lags on Multiple Justice Fronts for Youth

4. Is Increasing Role of School Resource Officers an Answer to Riddle of ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’?

5. A Year After Sandy Hook, the Tug-of-War over Gun Control At Local, State, Federal Levels Continues

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