Ivanka Trump Puts Battling Sex Trafficking on the Agenda

    In a series of speeches addressing human trafficking, First Daughter Ivanka Trump expressed her support for victims and the law enforcement officials working to end human trafficking. Trump also laid out methods in which the United States can strengthen its fight against human trafficking both at home and abroad.

    Ivanka Trump made it clear that human trafficking is a top priority for her father’s administration. As part of its efforts to become a global leader in the fight against human trafficking, Ivanka Trump said the State Department awarded $25 million to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS).

    The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery is a non-profit that aims to combine private and government funds to provide resources in the fight against human trafficking. GFEMS seeks to expand data collection, hold governments accountable, and provide support for victims.

    According to Trump and the State Department, this is part of an effort to “develop a global platform of data, analysis, and lessons learned to inform and improve global efforts to combat modern slavery.”

    As a response to the United States’ support for GFEMS, the United Kingdom has agreed to match the United States’ $25 million donation.

    Speaking to the United Nations, Ivanka Trump expressed the need to expand research, data collection, and victim identification tools. Trump acknowledges technology has a key role in helping law enforcement fight victims and catch traffickers and recent tools have already had success.

    “It is often a profoundly secret crime,” she said. “One of the greatest challenges is merely to identify those trapped in modern slavery.”

    According to EfficientGov, an information website that tracks creative solutions to government problems, the company Thorn is developing several tools such as Spotlight and Solis.

    Solis is a new program that combs the “Dark Web” for any information on human trafficking. Ashton Kutcher, founder of Thorn, claims that Solis can reduce research time in trafficking cases from three years to only three weeks.

    In both her speeches at the State Department and the United Nations, Ivanka Trump emphasized the importance of the United States’ global leadership in the area of human trafficking.

    “We join you today in a full-throated call for enhanced international cooperation to tackle modern slavery in all of its evil forms,” she said. “The Trump Administration will continue to make this a priority and will work with your governments to identify and implement solutions that can end these crimes.”

    Olivia Enos, a public policy analyst and international crimes researcher, says Ivanka Trump’s speeches were significant even though they lacked specific policy details. Enos says that it is important for the issue of human trafficking to gather attention in the media and for the international community to recognize the United States’ seriousness in approaching this issue.

    “With the United States’ powerful stature, I think countries may see her (Ivanka Trump’s) comments as a signal to beef up their action on trafficking,” Enos said. “However, other countries need to see us (United States) as a cooperative partner and not a heavy-handed boss who wants to only do it our way.”

    Ivanka Trump showed support for her father, President Trump, and the actions he has already taken regarding human trafficking. Early in President Trump’s term, he signed several executive orders that target transnational crime organizations.

    According to the Office of the White House Press Secretary, Trump’s executive order will strengthen enforcement and give federal agencies a high priority in regards to transnational crime organizations. Ivanka Trump believed this executive order can be used to target organizations involved in human trafficking worldwide.

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