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Safeguarding Children on Their Way to School

With a $10 million State of Illinois infusion for 2015, Chicago’s “Safe Passage” anti-violence program is now covering more of the city’s public schools. Nearly 2,000 part-time workers from community groups now stand watch on routes around neighborhood schools—mostly in areas that have been violence-prone—ensuring children can travel safely to and from their homes. The state

Second-Gen Residents More Inclined to Risky, Illegal Behavior Than New Immigrants, Study Shows

At the age of 12, Q.R. was standing in the principal’s office in nothing but his underwear. With a police officer in the room, the principal found four to five grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a scale in Q.R.’s possession. Q.R. was brought outside the office, handcuffed in front of classmates and arrested for

Chicago to Get Federal Injection of Cash, Resources to Battle Crime, Violence: U.S. Attorney

Chicago can expect to see “millions of dollars” of extra federal cash to help battle crime in the nation’s most murderous city – a dubious title that involves some 100 minors yearly, according to statements made this week by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder while in Chicago to name the newest top prosecutor for northern

More than a Third of Convicted Juveniles Claim They Falsely Confessed to Serious Crimes: Study

More than a third of juveniles convicted of serious crimes said in a recent study they had falsely admitted to a crime they did not commit. The study, which appeared in the journal “Law and Human Behavior,” focused on 193 males aged 14 to 17 incarcerated in a California juvenile justice facility. Of the 35.2 percent who reported they