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'Natural Life' Documentary Asks if Juvenile Life Sentences Are Natural – or Death

Currently, 100 juveniles in Illinois face natural life in prison, but following an Illinois Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, 85 of them are now eligible for early release pending new hearings. So the timing of director Tirtza Even‘s film, Natural Life, seems especially appropriate, and recently about 40 people attended a screening of the documentary at

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation Celebrates “Living Into Possibilities”

In recent days, members of the juvenile justice community, accompanied by friends and family, gathered at Monastero’s Ristorante for the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation’s annual fundraiser. The intent might have been to raise money, but the point was establishing connections to break from many of the troubling situations with which youth sometimes get entangled.

The Hope and the Horror of Re-sentencing Juveniles Facing Life Without Parole

Julie Anderson, left, leads her support group for families with relatives sentenced to juvenile life without parole as lawyer Emmanuel Andre, right, looks on. Tuesday afternoons around lunchtime, Precious Blood Ministry in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood opens for a group of mothers chatting up to the door, balancing home-made lasagna and chocolate chip