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New Juvenile Laws Take Hold in Illinois; Raising Age for Felony Jurisdiction Leads Way

Illinois joined 39 other states with the turning of the year Thursday by raising the age for juvenile jurisdiction for most felonies to 17 – a reform for which juvenile justice groups have been rallying since 2010. The new law does not change jurisdiction of some felonies, including many violent offenses, that merit an automatic

More than a Third of Convicted Juveniles Claim They Falsely Confessed to Serious Crimes: Study

More than a third of juveniles convicted of serious crimes said in a recent study they had falsely admitted to a crime they did not commit. The study, which appeared in the journal “Law and Human Behavior,” focused on 193 males aged 14 to 17 incarcerated in a California juvenile justice facility. Of the 35.2 percent who reported they