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Getting By: One Woman's Quest to Set the Table for 9 Children in Chicago's Food Desert

Englewood is one of many food deserts in Chicago, geographical areas with little or no access to fresh food. Food deserts are linked with diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, with low-income African American neighborhoods being the most disadvantaged, according to Mari Gallagher, a Chicago-based researcher. According to the City of Chicago, the

Poverty Remains Major Obstacle to Illinois' Youngest; Minorities Hit Hardest

The youngest Illinoisans may fare a bit better than most of their peers across the U.S. when it comes to health care, but they face the same challenges in poverty and income disparity, based on a recent report. The newest findings from Child Trends, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center focusing on children’s well-being, reveal wide

No End in Sight for 50-year War on Poverty

Marking the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of an “unconditional” War on Poverty, President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night revisits the issue of poverty only three times.  But he said — after first citing the current unemployment five-year low — inequality has undoubtedly intensified. Official White House photo Between

Hunger Is No Game; It’s Real and Teens Can Help End It

The Chicago Bureau is proud to run a series of articles and commentary by students at four of Chicago’s public high schools, part of a system often criticized. These articles, written by students taking part in The OpEd Project’s Youth Narrating Our World – YNOW – mentorship program funded by McCormick Foundation, show an honest, reflective