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March For Peace: Community Unites Against Street Violence

“SAVE OUR CITY STREETS, WE WANT CITY PEACE!” Passionate cries against violence rang in the streets of Chicago’s Far South side this past weekend, as an anti-violence march and a peacemaking rally gathered local residents to spread the message of peace and safety. Unite Our City Children (UOCC), a nascent grassroots organization created by community

Juvenile Justice Experts Scrutinize OJJDP’s Role Ahead of New Recommendations

From partner site JJIE.org For more than a decade,  the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has been beset by inadequate funding and Congress dictating how it spends much of what it does receive, frequent changes in leadership, and waning influence. Now the role, mission and funding of OJJDP have come under close scrutiny. On