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Safeguarding Children on Their Way to School

With a $10 million State of Illinois infusion for 2015, Chicago’s “Safe Passage” anti-violence program is now covering more of the city’s public schools. Nearly 2,000 part-time workers from community groups now stand watch on routes around neighborhood schools—mostly in areas that have been violence-prone—ensuring children can travel safely to and from their homes. The state

Asian Youth Summer Program Offers Education, Meals for Disadvantaged Children, Teens

Voices of children chanting planetary systems and giggles of girls dancing to jazz tunes filled the small studio owned by Asian Youth Services (AYS), a non-profit organization located in a rundown Albany Park neighborhood. Minors, ages three to 18, attend the daily summer school for free meals and enrichment programs. Students listen in as Mad Science

GAO Report: More Oversight of Foster Children’s Mental Health Care Required

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that foster children’s use of psychotropic medications are better managed now than a few years ago, but prescription practices still require much more oversight. Psychotropic medications are those prescribed to treat mental health conditions, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, bipolar and similar disorders. “It’s